We are one of the most reliable foundries in Iran

We are one of the  
most reliable foundries in Iran 

Ductile is a familiar name in the production of cast iron parts

Turning your thoughts into reality in ductile foundry

-Reliability in delivery according to the schedule, closeness and availability make the delivery time to customers in the shortest period of time

-The added value of these competitive advantages turns into significant economic savings for our customers

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Fast and good and with the best price

Our commitment to complying with the standards and strict controls of raw materials and processes and continuous training of personnel makes the production of quality casting parts, on time and using the best resources

Our service guarantees the best products in the shortest time

From design to Pattern making and production of quality parts with the support of many years of experience and relying on experienced forces, all of them have gathered in this factory to provide diverse services to customers

Art and technology to improve processes

The facilities, equipment and human resources are efficient and with experience, it allows us to produce and send more than 30.000 kg of gray and ductile cast iron parts to customers ductile daily

Available and fast

Ease of access and reliability in our processes are ideal for supporting the competitiveness of our clients’ businesses

The ability and easy access to this factory will provide the opportunity to transfer the design, manufacturing and casting processes from your business to us, and this will help you reduce costs, inventory and operation time

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