Equipment and machinery

Art and technology to improve processes

The best casting processes and parts are obtained with the correct use of science and proper and adequate use of technology under the title of casting art

While the principles of metal smelting are ancestral and dependent on the predecessors, we are trying to take care of the environment in ductile casting using induction furnaces

Our equipment allows us to produce and send 30 tons of gray and ductile iron parts to our customers daily

Our equipment allows us to produce and send 30 tons of gray and ductile iron parts to our customers daily

Part of the equipment in ductile casting

Casting department equipment

two induction furnaces ( capacity: 5 tons )

one induction furnace ( capacity: 6 tons )

HWS molding machine (dimensions of each sheet 80*60*25 cm)

Two JOLTSQUEEZE molding machines

HOT BOX and COLD BOX core making machines

KUNKEL WAGNER sand making system for molding machines

Finishing unit equipment

Two rubber drum type shot blast machines (capacity: 500 kg)

One hanger type shot blasting machine (capacity: 2000 kg)

Three grinding machine

other services

Screw compressor devices machines

Power generator (capacity: 1 MW)

CO2 gas production unit

Pattern construction and maintenance equipment

Two CNC machines

Milling machines

Two hand lathes machines

two band machine

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